Noble works under contract with the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Aviation to provide supply chain management, a single point to consolidate fulfillment of fasteners and hardware NSNs, and an infrastructure of warehouses to maintain supply and facilitate deliveries. Parts include fasteners and hardware comprising Federal Supply Group 53 (FSG 53).

Noble provides FSG 53 parts to Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Foreign Military, and other authorized government buyers to support DLA customers’ global FSG 53 requirements. We fulfill customer direct orders, manage military retail stock replenishment, and process expedited (one to three-day) deliveries of FSG 53 parts. If your company is listed on DLA’s Qualified Supplier List for Manufacturers (QSLM) or Qualified Suppliers List for Distributors (QSLD), we invite you to apply below to become a part of Noble’s FSG 53 program as a supplier.

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