DLA Maintenance, Repairs, & Operations Tailored Logistics Support Prime Vendor Program

Tailored logistics support for U.S. military and federal government MRO requirements. The Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Program supplies customers across five global regions (NE, SE, EUCOM, CENTCOM, PACOM) with commercial MRO items and related incidental services. 


The DLA MRO TLS Prime Vendor Program provides maintenance, repair and operations tailored support for facilities maintenance, public works, civil engineering, family housing, and base supply customers.

The program consolidates orders, ensures discounted pricing, expedites global delivery of materials, and provides enhanced logistic services to meet the specific needs of defense customers. MRO support is also extended to non-Defense Department agencies under this program. NOBLE is the assigned MRO Prime Vendor for CONUS Northeast and Southeast regions of operations and EUCOM, CENTCOM, and INDOPACOM regions of OCONUS operations.


  • Supply chain management
  • A single point to consolidate fulfillment of requirements
  • 24/7 support
  • Custom system integration to support defense ordering requirements
  • An infrastructure of base operations and warehouses to maintain supply and facilitate delivery
  • Contingency capabilities to cover national emergencies, natural disasters, relief efforts, and troop deployments
  • Additional services at base locations associated with military public works and civil engineering exercises

Noble’s Alpha procurement system offers a single source solution for procurement from thousands of top MRO manufacturers. Our customer support representatives assist with the tailored logistics support to personalize mission-critical solutions for the most challenging requirements of the warfighter.

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Pennsylvania: NOBLE supported the USACE’s  Pittsburgh-Tionesta Project - Emergency Aggregate procurement. NOBLE’s NE MRO team worked with DLA to provide more than 400 tons of construction material within 24 hours of a contract award. The material was critical to shore a collapsed road alongside a dam that occurred in Tionesta, PA in June 2020.


Poland: Prior to the COVID restrictions, Noble was tasked to quickly source 30,000 metric tons of 8-31 mm granite aggregates, in support of Exercise Defender 2020 to repair the Tank Maneuver Lanes at the Drawsko Pomorskie Training Area, Poland. Originally the customer went to their organic contracting unit to procure and was deemed, by the customer, a slow process that was unable to meet their proposed timelines. The requirement came to NOBLE, and we expedited a quote with a solution that would meet the customers timelines. In close coordination with DLA, NOBLE was able to issue a purchase order in time to meet the tight deadline given to us, even during the beginning of the COVID restrictions. The complicated logistics involved movement of the aggregates ~600 kilometers by rail, and then cross-loading into servicing dump trucks for the delivery.


Ukraine: NOBLE EUCOM provided MRO materials to Sailors assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 133. Here they lay concrete for a new runway approach in Mykolaiv, Ukraine, during exercise Sea Breeze 2019, July 9, 2019. 


Florida: NOBLE’s Christopher Shaw assists with the installation of Air Handler Units (AHU) at Naval Station Jacksonville Building 2080 Mechanical RM 1180. AHUs monitor and maintain heat load at Naval Hospital JAX and associated medical centers. February 2021

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