BatteryIQ: Lithium-ION Battery Emergency Training

Course Date & Location

Date: 12/19/23
Time: 0900 - 1700

Location: Dalton Fire Department Station 1
404 School Street
Dalton Ga 30720

Cost per seat = $100


Classroom – Awareness/Operations Training (4-hour)

Overview of Lithium-ION Batteries

  • Understanding Lithium-ION Batteries
    • How Lithium-ION batteries work
    • Chemistry of Lithium-ION batteries
  • Introduction to Battery Response Guide
  • Types of Lithium-ION Batteries

Battery Failures

  • Common Causes
  • Cascading Failure
  • Severity of Battery Failure

Response Tactics, Techniques, and Tools for Common Lithium-ION Battery Incidents

  • Damaged vs. On Fire
  • Indicators, PPE, Evacuation Distances, Resources Considerations, Response Considerations, Recommended Products & Equipment
    • Small Battery Devices
    • Mobility Devices
    • Electric Vehicles
    • Electric Storage Systems
    • Photovoltaic/Solar Farms
    • Structure/Commercial Fires

Hands-On – Technician Training (4-hour)

Battery Failure Demonstration

  • Physical Damage
  • Overcharge
  • Use of Equipment in Li-ION Response
    • Thermal Imager/Temperature Gun, pH/Fluorine (F) paper (air monitoring)

Dismantling Battery Packs

  • Using an assortment of battery packs including tool batteries, e-bike packs, pouch, and cylindrical cells students will disassemble packs for over-packing.


  • Over-packing of batteries used in class
  • Determine wattage of batteries packed
  • Follow over packing guideline, complete paperwork and prepare the overpack for shipping following DOT regulations for DDR batteries